EAUC Scotland – College Education for Sustainable Development Project

The project addressed ESD activity across the college sector in Scotland, and closely aligned to the Scottish Government’s Action Plan for the Second Half of the UN Decade of Education for Sustainable Development: Learning for Change.

Four Workbooks were produced to support teaching staff embed sustainability within their teaching in core subject areas, linking teaching practice in those areas to key sustainability concepts, as well as considering wider aspects of sustainability of relevance to students' lives. The Workbooks are:

In addition, The Carbon Challenge is a general education for sustainable development staff training workbook to be used for staff development, so staff can start to consider some of the concepts of sustainability and how they can incorporate them within their teaching.  This workbook is a combination of information and practical activities that aims to showcase the style of the curriculum workbooks and the types of activities they contain for students to complete. Where curriculum specific workbooks are not available (see the list above), the activities within the Carbon Challenge workbook can also be used by students.

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