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EAUC-Scotland, in collaboration with Elaine Crawford from Dumfries and Galloway College, have developed a range of workbooks that can be used to support the embedding of sustainability issues into the curriculum.  The workbooks combine information and practical activities that will enable staff and students to consider some of the concepts of sustainability and how they can incorporate them within their teaching.

The Workbooks

Cross-Curricular Workbook:

Introduction to Sustainability: The Carbon Challenge

This can be used for staff development, so staff can start to consider some of the concepts of sustainability and how they can incorporate them within their teaching.  This workbook is a combination of information and practical activities that aims to showcase the style of the curriculum workbooks and the types of activities they contain for students to complete.  However, where curriculum specific workbooks are not available, the activities within this workbook can also be used by students.

Subject-specific Workbooks: 

Hairdressing Heroes: Fighting the Carbon Battle

The Construction Challenge: Fighting the Carbon Battle

Social Justice: Equality for All

Our Beautiful World: Beauty shouldn't cost the Earth

All these workbooks are designed to be used either directly by students, or by staff to assist them in embedding sustainability within their course delivery. The workbooks aim to link sustainability with current subject-specific teaching and practice, where appropriate, but also address other areas of our lives that raise sustainability issues. There are two copies of each workbook available, one designed for students with activities to complete and a staff copy with answers and guidance for staff delivering the course. The exception is the Health and Social Studies Workbook, where there is one version for both students and staff.

Using the Workbooks

The workbooks are designed so they can be adapted to suit students at all levels.  Without adaptation they are suitable for students studying at Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) levels 4-6, however the activities can be modified to suit students at higher and lower SCQF levels also.  They can also be utilised by staff directly to give them the skills, knowledge and confidence to embed sustainability within their teaching.  The workbooks are split into identifiable chapters in a format that makes them easy to adapt into on-line learning resources.

Award Winning Project

This project was a shortlisted entry in the Green Gown Awards 2012.

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