Hosting an exchange

A key part of the Sustainability Exchange is encouraging dialogue and sharing of ideas and approaches whether through resources, videos or other online methods. Inspired by this principle, we created a range of 'exchanges' which are short, free, lunchtime webinars on a variety of interesting topics.

If you work for one of our Partner organisations why not have your own exchange hosted on the Sustainability Exchange. We can help you set it all up and promote it. Contact us at

The EAUC uses WebEx to manage and host webinars, lunchtime chats or virtual meetings.

Service from EAUC

We will:

To set up your webinar

We will need the following information to schedule the webinar:

We will capture this information via a form, which can be downloaded from the top right hand side of this page  – if you have any queries, please let us know.

This information will be used to set up the webinar on the EAUC website (if relevant) and on WebEx for email invitations etc.