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The SUSTE-TECH project's principle partner (and funder ) was JISC. JISC (Joint Information Systems Comittee) had funded a total of 36 research projects that examined the use of more sustainable technology and also how technology can aid the end user to become more sustainable in their behaviour.

Each of the 36 research projects  were part of JISC's wider Greening of ICT Programme. The Greening of ICT programme was delivered via a number of strands of activity embedded in a structure of support, synthesis and benefit realisation activities. The programme sought to work closely with other teams and committees within JISC to ensure opportunities for synergistic work in research were grasped.

Key objectives for the programme included

Greening the sector, examining attitudinal and behavioural change embedded across the sector, new sustainable procurement paradigms, sustainability being seen as key driver and yardstick for sector activities and harnessing of sector research activities.

Intended outputs from this programme included

Substantive body of knowledge illuminating areas of uncertainty in respect to Green ICT and exemplar projects providing leadership and best practice examples.

Other outcomes from both the SUSTE-TECH and JISC projects included:

> Reduction of sector carbon footprint and associated energy costs
> Increased capacity and expertise across the sector in sustainable ICT
> Improved reputation of sector and UK as leaders in this area
> Reduction in waste generated by ICT use
Another of the SUSTE-TECH project's partner was HEEPI and its Suste-IT Tool
HEEPI (Higher Education Environmental Performance Improvement) - a legacy organisation based at, and led by, the University of Bradford. HEEPI examined 4 main areas of green ICT. Those areas of  green ICT included;
> Assisting energy and environmental management in higher education by providing information, running events, developing case studies and guidance materials, and other means
> Identifying and disseminating best practice in energy and environmental management through the annual Green Gown Awards
> Stimulating HE interest in, and take up of, high performance buildings which combine good environmental performance with effective functionality
> Developing the capacity of staff with environment-related responsibilities to achieve positive environmental change within their institutions through action workshops and other means.
The HEEPI project was superseeded by provided guidance in the form of case studies, guides, white papers, networking and tools on sustainability (particularly energy and resource efficiency tools) for universities and colleges. Good Campus also offered the same guidance and support  to organisations in the health, hi-tech and pharma sectors.
Further Information

JISC's Greening ICT programme extended beyond the EAUC Suste-Tech project. Click here for archive information on other JISC funded sustainable ICT projects.

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