Share the knowledge


Do you have a useful resource that you would like to share with fellow users of the Sustainability Exchange? Resources can easily be submitted for consideration by the EAUC. The process is simple however you do need to either be the owner of the resource or have been granted permission to share the resource on the Sustainability Exchange.

To submit your resource(s), please email the detail outlined below so that it can be considered to:

Please include:

If titles, descriptions or keywords are not included, the EAUC will write this on your behalf.

What can be shared? Reports, articles, guides, websites, tools, videos, news, events and so on!

In what format? If the resource is ‘linked’ (see below) we can add anything! This includes audio files, ebook, excel file, image, PDF, podcast, powerpoint, video, webpage, word document, zip file.

Linked or uploaded? It is preferred that all resources are linked via the host website and are not uploaded to the Sustainability Exchange. This could be a link to a webpage with the resource clearly outlined on it or the URL to the file itself.
If a resource cannot be linked, please contact the EAUC for further discussion.

Taking your resource off the Sustainability Exchange - If you wish to update or remove the resource you have submitted at a later date, contact the EAUC with the detail of the resource, including a new link to it.

How long is it available on the Sustainability Exchange? This depends on whether or not the resource is time sensitive e.g. events. Resources will remain on the site until you ask us to remove it or it is considered no longer relevant. It may also be superseded with more up to date information. Resources will also be removed when they are subject to complaint.

Commercial gain - By submitting resources to the Sustainability Exchange you do so without charge nor with the intention of commercial gain, thus in the spirit of sharing knowledge and best practice freely with your fellow professionals.

Vetting of submitted resources - Each submitted resource will be considered along the following criteria: 

Right to refuse - The Sustainability Exchange administrators reserve the right to decline any submitted resource without reason.

Once your resources and page content have been added to the Sustainability Exchange, the EAUC will email you the link so you can check it.

Thanks for sharing!