Understanding Frameworks

All of the resources on the Sustainability Exchange are organised by Framework. There are 14 Frameworks which have been developed to accurately reflect specific challenges that face the higher and further education sectors.

This approach was developed by the sector for the sector for Learning in Future Environments (LiFE), another of the EAUC’s pioneering projects. Its application to the Sustainability Exchange ensures that we are communicating using a common language providing consistency and clarity.

Creating a common language is at the core of EAUC Membership and informs and enhances the EAUC’s various pioneering projects by ensuring they add value to each other for the benefit of all. The Sustainability Exchange is one of the EAUC’s four pillars which are the foundations for significant enhancement and enrichment of services to EAUC Member universities and colleges.

On each Framework page, you'll find a brief description and the resources that are applicable to that area. You can use the 'Filter Search Results' box to make your search more specific. 

In LiFE, Frameworks sit under 4 Priority Areas: