Green Gown Awards 2017 - Ayrshire College - Winner

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Green Gown Awards 2017 - Ayrshire College - Winner image #1

The College’s Social and Environmental Studies students have worked on a voluntary basis with conservation staff at Dean Castle Country Park for the past four years, to conserve the natural environment for future generations.

The natural green spaces within our natural environment are being eroded - this problem has been addressed by the students planting new native trees, creating new wetland habitats and improving access for all park users with the creation of paths and walkways. The students’ practical efforts with the Park Life initiative earns them the ‘John Muir Award’. The student volunteers continue to promote the ideas and attitudes of sustainability amongst other young people.

The College has benefited from improved engagement, attendance, retention, progression and recruitment as a result of this partnership project. The local community benefit as well as tourists to the park as a result of the voluntary work.

Top 3 learnings:

1 Our students are now environmentally conscious citizens who will continually safeguard the park’s future.

2 We realised the benefits of volunteering, particularly when we feel we are making a difference.

3 Our students gained an understanding of park staff’s roles, helping their own career choices.