Engaging Professional Departments with Sustainability

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Some departments have a more influential role within the institution than others, for tackling climate change and engaging staff and students on these matters. The guides provided here are designed to engage professional departments beyond solely the dedicated sustainability teams, with a view to fostering the a whole-institution approach to collaboration and operational changes, to embed sustainability at a departmental and institutional level.

These guides were created in collaboration with colleagues in various departments so that the barriers and successes of creating connections would be better understood and articulated:

Each is useful to sustainability professionals and other departments.

If you want to further support the engagement with other professional departments, you can do so through training, facilitated meetings, or workshops - please get in touch with the EAUC-Scotland Team.

We also offer the series 'Sustainability Champions' that looks at how staff in different departments deliver good environmental practice within their roles. Take a look at these here, and a few examples below:

If you know a Sustainability Champion, get in touch!

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