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Awarding sustainability excellence

Since 2004 the Green Gown Awards recognise the exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities and colleges across the UK. With sustainability moving up the agenda, the Awards have become established as the most prestigious recognition of best practice within tertiary education.

The Green Gown Awards are administered by the EAUC and are governed by a cross agency steering group. The judging panel are representatives of sector organisations, which changes yearly.

Sharing excellence

As the ethos of the Green Gown Awards is to ensure the lessons and examples of good practice are shared within the tertiary education sector. We work hard with the partners of the Awards to ensure this information is disseminated far and wide, by sharing the case studies from applicants and prize winners throughout each awards season.

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Green Gown Awards Australasia

The Awards were brought to Australasia in 2010 and are delivered by our partners  ACTS. The Awards are open to all tertiary education institutions in Australia and New Zealand.

The Australasian Awards are managed by ACTS and governed by a cross sector steering group. ACTS is a non-profit member based organisation representing higher and further education institutions within Australia and New Zealand. ACTS aim to inspire, promote and support change towards best practice sustainability within the operations, curriculum and research of the tertiary education sector.

Les trophées des campus responsables

Les trophées des campus responsables are the French speaking edition of the Green Gown Awards. The Awards are open to all French speaking universities and colleges across the world.

The French speaking Green Gown Awards are being delivered by our partners, Campus Responsables. The Campus Responsables 'initiative' was created in 2006 to encourage and assist integration of sustainable development into educational institutions programmes and the management of their infrastructure.

Campus Responsables is the first network of universities and colleges focussing on sustainable development, with 40 member initiative institutions throughout France and Belgium. Campus Responsables are also working with our partners at UNICA as part of their UGAF (UNICA Green Academic Footprint) initiative. UNICA is a network of 46 universities from 35 capital cities of Europe, with a combined strength of over 150,000 staff and 1,800,000 students.

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