Sustainability Leadership Scorecard

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At last we have a transformational ‘All in One’ tool which captures data and performance from many sources and builds one definitive picture of your institutions performance.
The Sustainability Leadership Scorecard is delivered by EAUC, partnering with AUDE and Arup.

Click here to access the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard.

At the best of times the multi-dimensioned thing we call sustainability can be confusing. Not least the myriad of ever increasing performance improvement tools, quality standards and reporting accreditations, which aim to help, but often leave sustainability leaders feeling overwhelmed, and our colleagues and students none the wiser.
The Sustainability Leadership Scorecard enables a single, engaging indicator of performance and gaps that is easy to understand and communicate.

Find out how two users - Bournemouth University and University of Lincoln - are benefiting from using the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard

Supporting members

We delivered workshops and webinars that took members through the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard to show how the outputs can be used to effectively connect with senior leadership teams across your institution and provide our members with further information and guidance. Click here to watch the webinar

What does it mean for your institution?

EAUC and AUDE produce a high profile annual report on the sector’s activity and performance based on the collective data to further support sustainability in the education sector.

Automatically drawing on your current EMR data (for HE only), plus many of the sustainability standards and accreditations you have achieved, the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard:

Below are case studies showing how institutions are benefitting from using the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard.

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