Loughborough University SLS Case Study

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Loughborough University shares their experience of using the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard

What was pivotal in you securing senior management authorisation to use the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard (SLS)?

It was a direct continuation from the LiFE index which we had been using for a number of years to report at a strategic level.  Our governing group endorsed use of this index as the one we would use over and above others available.  At LU the fact that we use it as an inward facing tool is considered more favourable to Senior colleagues than it being a competitive table. 

What was your approach to completing the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard?

The Sustainability Manager is the “owner” of the SLS.  Leads are assigned for each framework.  However, it has become apparent that it is not always appropriate for one lead as some of the Frameworks will cover more than one area or impact.  This can take time to establish but for the most part leads have been in place through LiFE and continue with the SLS.

Did you encourage colleagues from other Departments to participate and help you with the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard?

Yes. I think that this is the best way to complete the SLS. It is an excellent tool for dialogue. I set up meetings with key colleagues and would introduce the SLS ahead of the meetings. I would then meet and discuss how the Framework/sustainability may apply/look in their area. We would work through the Framework together adding narrative as we went. In some cases I would extract perhaps only one or two key questions for colleagues and email them if it did not merit a meeting. 

I also report the findings/scores annually to our Heads of Professional Services and Academic Leadership Team. The report is also presented to the governing group our Sustainability and Social Responsibility Committee. 

What are the 3 top benefits of using the Sustainability Leadership Scorecard?

  1. Opportunity for dialogue with colleagues around sustainability and how they might be able to engage better with the agenda
  2. Ability to measure areas of success and areas that require further focus/improvement
  3. High level strategic reporting and link to SDG’s