Green Gown Awards 2017 - University of Brighton - Finalist

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Tom has been a vital part of the Environment Team since October 2014. Having joined the team as a recent graduate he has provided irreplaceable assistance in the installation of 382 kWp of solar PV across three of Brighton’s five campuses.

Without Tom’s input, these projects would not have been delivered, and are projected to save almost £2.38m and 4,880 tonnes C02 over their lifetime. These projects have gained national recognition, have made the University of Brighton one of the top 5 HEIs for PV generation in the country and have helped us reach our second-place ranking in the People and Planet University League 2016.

Tom has also led the installation of £20,000 worth of bike racks across our campuses, and used his sophisticated excel skills to build datasets that have dramatically enhanced energy and carbon monitoring, and travel survey data collection and analysis at the university.

Top 3 learnings:

1 Keep sight of where you want to go as an institution; always make the case for integrating sustainability into everyday operations.

2 Attention to detail is important! Accurate data and careful analysis will make it much easier to demonstrate the value of sustainability projects.

3 Be adventurous – do not be afraid to be the first to try something different.