Green Gown Awards 2017 - University of Winchester - Winner

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The album “This Changes Everything” tackles an issue that the music industry is failing to acknowledge: Climate Change. Music has long been a prime way of raising awareness and creating a dialogue, and it is our duty, not just as a University, but as people, to ensure everyone is conscious of Climate Change, and that turning our backs on it and pretending it is not happening is no longer an option.

The fact the University has both a record label and a desire to raise awareness of Climate Change meant that creating an album of ‘11 songs about Climate Change’ was a logical and necessary move and will ensure that our students are more engaged than ever with this vital issue.

Top 3 learnings:

1 We have learned that it is still harder than it should be to raise awareness of Climate Change.

2 We are more certain than ever that music is a great way to get people talking.

3 Creating a dialogue within the local community is a vital part of ensuring a wider discussion.