Green Gown Awards 2018 - University of Leeds - Finalist

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At the University of Leeds, we recognise that our staff and their wide range of knowledge and expertise is one of our greatest assets. We took the innovative approach to utilise this asset to create positive social change through our Positive Impact Partners (PIP) Programme.

PIP is the University's flagship programme designed to increase collaboration with the Third Sector, build capacity and positively contribute to our local communities.  Through PIP we connect local Third Sector organisations together with staff at the University to create new collaborative partnerships, designed to bring mutual benefit. It benefits our PIP partners, the University, Third Sector organisations and in making a positive impact on society. PIP has matched local charitable and social benefit organisations with people who can provide advice in a range of professional and business skills, as well as knowledge in a wide variety of academic disciplines. In addition, PIP has created University research and curriculum projects and offered volunteering, internship and research opportunities to our staff and students. The diverse skill set available at the University has enabled Third Sector organisations to succeed where they have been previously struggling and helped build capacity in the city to deal with societal issues.

Top 3 learnings:

  • Be flexible, be prepared to try things out and dare to be different!
  • By working in partnership, we have been able to extend our reach, increase our impact and make real positive social changes
  • Key to success is the support PIP provides to partners with developing and fulfilling their partnership objectives.