Green Gown Awards 2018 - University of the Arts London, London College of Fashion - Finalist

Tags: Green Gown Awards 2018 | benefitting society | University of the Arts London | London College of Fashion

An inspiring collaboration which introduced LCF menswear design students to the convergent themes of the environment and social inclusion within two rehabilitation facilities, in the UK and Italy.

San Patrignano - the largest residential drug rehabilitation community in Europe, providing non-pharmacological treatment to young people who engage in their own recovery through learning specialist craft skills.

Making for Change - a fashion training and manufacturing unit located at a women’s prison, HMP Downview. Established by London College of Fashion, UAL and the Ministry of Justice to increase well-being and reduce reoffending amongst women prisoners through education and professional skills development. 

LCF alumna and menswear designer Bethany Williams visited the community in Italy and worked with weavers, using industrial waste materials to create innovative textiles which inspired LCF menswear students to design a range of garments and accessories. Winning designs were then manufactured by Making for Change using fabric woven on the handlooms in San Patrignano.

Top 3 learnings:

  • We have developed new innovative approaches to enterprise models and curriculum building.
  • We recognise the impact of craft and how it can connect, heal, and empower communities
  • We see the value of skills-sharing rather than a top-down educational model.