Green Academy Change Programme Residential April 2013

Tags: green | academy | residential

These resources were made available following the Green Academy Change Programme Residential held 30 April - 1 May 2013 in Leeds.

The objectives of the residential were:

  • To shape and inform teams’ understanding and vision of sustainability; 
  • To enhance teams’ understanding of what is involved in managing whole institutional change for sustainability;
  • To further develop action plans that will contribute to the embedding of sustainability in the curriculum and across the institution;
  • To share expertise, resources and information across institutions. 
  • To identify approaches to engaging different stakeholder groups across the institution in the change process;
  • To embed evaluation into action plans so to evidence that your team has had an impact;
  • To engage in peer review and learn from other teams and the Green Academy programme team;
  • To identify relevant opportunities for future networking so as to enhance your own learning and further inform your team’s work.