Accessing HEPA documents

Tags: higher education | sustainable procurement


HEPA is a sector-led project delivering the enhancement of expertise and capacity in UK university procurement. It was established in response to the challenge set out in the 2011 Diamond Report, and is supported and delivered collaboratively by BUFDG and the HE purchasing consortia.

HEPA activities include delivering face to face courses, e-learning, forums for networking, and an online repository of information encompassing best practice, benchmarking, templates, news, and more.

  • To access the HEPA documents page, sign in and click “RESOURCES” in the top left-hand corner. Alternatively, please follow this link
  • To find a document, use the search box at the top the middle column, or navigate by using the arrow buttons at the bottom of the middle column.
  • To view a document, click on the document, followed by the eye button in the right-hand column.
  • To download a document, click the document’s icon, or the downward-facing arrow button in the right-hand column.