Are we ready for the Green Economy?

Tags: green | climate change | economy | green deal

A presentation which helps you to continue the learning and inspiration from the EAUC Annual Confrence 2011 held at the University of York Between the 11th - 13th April 2011. 

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Many politicians refer to the ‘Green Economy’ when they discuss opportunities for economic growth and jobs. For example, Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne, recently stated that the new green economy would help defend Britain from high oil prices. And he said the ‘Green Deal’ would “support” 100,000 jobs by 2015 and up to 250,000 when it reaches its peak (7 March 2011). However, nobody seems to be able to give a clear definition of what the Green Economy comprises or agree on what kind of ‘green’ skills we need (as well as knowledge and attitudes). So how can we know whether the education sector is ready to respond to the emerging Green Economy? What needs to be done? 


Di Dale – Principal Wiltshire College, EAUC Board, Martin Baxter – IEMA (representing professional bodies), John Fincham – EdExcel (representing awarding bodies), Craig Johnson – Director of Education, The Ellen MacArthur Foundation (representing NGOs), Chris Lorimer – Project Director Bicton EaRTH, Bicton College (representing Further Education), Harriet Sjerps-Jones – University of Exeter, EAUC Board (representing Higher Education)