AUDESAT Self Assessmement Toolkit

Tags: higher education | estates management | good practice | self assessment


AUDESAT is a self assessment toolkit and website, launched in April 2007, comprising:

  • A good-practice Estates Management knowledge base, with web pages and hyperlinks to relevant documents and web sites.
  • A good-practice self-assessment model against which AUDE members can measure the Estates Management capabilities of their organisation, and benchmark their organisation against peers.

The toolkit was developed to promote consistent good-practice in Estates Management by enabling a good-practice standard to be applied across the AUDE membership. Each University and Higher Education Institution can identify/confirm its strengths and weaknesses relative to the model. AUDE can look at the aggregate picture to identify themes for attention

The toolkit focuses on the competence and sustainability of the Estates Management capability, rather than the Estate itself. Thus, it is perfectly possible in the short-term to have good Estates Management of a currently poor Estate, and vice versa.What counts is how the Estate is being managed and is likely to go forward.