AUE Imperial College - Low Energy Air Filters case study

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The companies who exhibited at the AUE's 2013 Conference at Goldsmiths and 2014 Conference at Bradford were asked to provide us with case studies of projects they have undertaken at Higher Education Institutions. Please note that publication of these documents does not in any way imply that the AUE recommends these products or their manufacturers. They are here to provide a reference point for AUE members. We have also added Case Studies provided to AUDE as part of the Revolving Green Fund Knowledge Sharing inititative.

An air filter trial was recently carried out for Imperial College, London by ABS consulting and Camfil. The Filter Trial project was carried out on Air Handling Units (AHUs) in the Sir Alexander Fleming & Biochemistry buildings at the London Campus. The results demonstrated substantial scope for energy saving of some 293 tonnes CO2 per annum.