Building Student Resilience Health and Wellbeing TSN September 2022

Tags: tsn | Health and Wellbeing | resilience

Students have increasingly been struggling to withstand the pressures of tertiary education without specialist wellbeing support as evidenced by increased demand for student support services. However, in some cases students stress response to academic pressure is normal. It's lack of support for developing resilience skills that is preventing them from managing this stress in a way cohesive with wellbeing. 

Our online September topic support network aimed to explore how institutions can build student resilience and the emerging stories from the sector. 

The recording is aimed at all staff, particularly those with a role in supporting staff and student wellbeing. 

The video includes: 

  • Gathering and analysing national data on HE student wellbeing through the Thriving Learner Survey (2.35).
  • The role academics can play in building resilience skills though curriculum (36.42).
  • Sharing of tools and strategies to build student resilience (59.25)
  • Importance of caring for staff resilience and The Surefoot Effect training(1.14.10)

Minutes from the session, individual presentations and resources highlighted in the session can also be downloaded from this page.