Bus Fare Subsidies - EAUC Member responses

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Does subsidising staff bus fares for bus services that service campuses count as benefit in kind? In response to this question posed by Julia Jack, University of Exeter, on the Educational Members' Network, two Members stated it was benefit in kind while another gave criteria for exemption from benefit in kind.

The question posed:

"The University is looking into subsidising staff single and return bus fares for the 2 bus services that service our Exeter campuses.

I have spoken to our HR department regarding whether subsidising bus fares for these two bus services would count as benefit in kind. They have advised that they have sought the advice of a consultant who has in turn advised that we would need to get confirmation in writing from HMRC that it would not be benefit in kind. This advice would involve a fee from the consultant.

Before I go ahead and approve consultation, has anybody already gone through this process? Does anyone have any pearls of wisdom on this?”

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