CarbonBuzz - Get REAL about building energy consumption

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Figures show that on average, buildings consume between 1.5 and 2.5 times predicted values.

CarbonBuzz will help you close the gap between calculations and actual building performance.

There is growing evidence that current legislation is not  achieving the expected reductions in the actual energy use of buildings and, if anything, can have significant unintended consequences. Large portfolio holders,  in particular, are taking notice of commercial risks associated with new ‘low carbon’ buildings and refurbishments falling short of performance expectations.

CarbonBuzz is an RIBA CIBSE platform for benchmarking and tracking energy use in projects from design to operation. It is intended to encourage users to go beyond compliance of mandatory Building  Regulations calculations and refine estimates to account for additional energy  loads in-use. The platform allows users to compare design energy use with  actual energy use side by side to help users close the design and  operational  energy performance gap in buildings.