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Preparing for a Job in Sustainability is the second part of the EAUC-Scotland's Careers Project, and is aimed at individuals who would like to start a career in sustainability or support students looking to pursue a job in this sector. This guide was updated in January 2023.

A sustainability job is defined as a role which overlaps the environmental, social and economic boundaries, and has either a strong environmental or social justice dimension. These jobs can have sustainability as the core focus, a main responsibility, or a small aspect of the role.

These resources will give interested individuals a better understanding of how to gain the skills and knowledge which will help build a pathway into a chosen sustainability career. This can be from gaining a basic understanding of sustainability to in-depth knowledge in one particular sector. Preparing yourself with these skills can come in many forms from university or college courses, voluntary or paid work experience as well as formal and informal networking.

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If you are interested in the other two sections of the EAUC Sustainability Careers Guide (Understanding and Winning) or the full combined Guide please follow the links through the main project page here.