Community Winner: University of Tasmania

Education for Sustainability Tasmania: a UN-recognised Regional Centre of Expertise – a new kid on the block

Recognition of EfS Tasmania: a United Nations-recognised Regional Centre of Expertise in 2015 resulted from University of Tasmania leadership within our community to recognise sustainability leaders and establish a state-wide network of Tasmanian sustainability partners delivering initiatives across education and research, community, business and government. The ongoing activities associated with EfS Tasmania helps deliver on the University commitment as a Talloires Declaration signatory to incorporate sustainability literacy into teaching and learning as well as our broad-based community engagement and partnership activities in sustainability. Details of our activities can be found at

Top 3 learnings:

  1. A sustainable society is nurtured through a culture that promotes a continued stream of mentoring and learning throughout life and across generations, be it through formal education institutions, workplace training or community outreach.
  2. Partnerships are a motivating force towards change, empowering people and groups to take action, take part in decision-making processes and work together to build capacity in sustainable development.
  3. Working together locally, towards a common goal of sustainability, helps people connect to place and build a stronger, interconnected cultural identity based on mutual respect.