Course 'Sustainable Entrepreneurship' by and for students of CORE and The Blue Academy

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An example of good practice in Curriculum from Ecocampus (Belgium)

Around the world there is growing attention to sustainability (including at KU Leuven). The many students' associations in Leuven that are engaged in sustainability and are currently united in a consultation platform, i.e. the Leuven Student Sustainability Platform, testify to this. The city of Leuven - with Leuven Klimaatneutraal (Leuven climate-neutral) - and KU Leuven - with its new Vice-Rector of Sustainability Katlijn Malfliet - are also working to realise sustainability. In time, the idea is to have sustainability education embedded in each student's curriculum. We, the students' organisations CORE and The Blue Academy, already want to offer this in 2014-2015 to a diverse, multi-disciplinary group of enterprising young people. A course entitled 'Interdisciplinary Course on Sustainable Development' is already available at KU Leuven. However, this is still an academic course which is aimed at KU Leuven students, whereas we want to go a step further.