An example of good practice in Competitions from Ecocampus (Belgium)

The Ecorace Challenge is a competition organised by nv De Scheepvaart and Waterwegen & Zeekanaal NV, two major waterway managers in Flanders. The challenge? Teams of students are to build a 6 metre-scale model of an ecological vessel, using innovative materials and a (re)new(ed) drive train. During the weekend of the Ecorace Challenge (8-9-10 May 2015) the performance of the different vessels is measured and judged by an international, professional and academic jury. The teams have to perform several challenges, such as sprint, slalom, start-stop-backwards and endurance. In addition, a business plan and design report of the vessel are to be drawn up and presented to a jury of potential investors. Because safety is a major factor during this whole competition, the teams also have to perform an FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis).