Embedding Sustainable Development in the Curriculum

Tags: curriculum | sustainable development


"How can I embed sustainable development into to what I teach when I don’t really understand what it means?"

This document aims to help learning providers on this journey.

The research on which this document is based showed that curriculum leaders within Further Education and other learning organisations are taking action on embedding sustainable development within the curriculum – but not in a consistent and ambitious enough manner. The research also found that good practice does exist and often it is made up of very simple first steps.

In an easy to follow format, the document identifies some of the approaches currently being used, gathered a variety of examples and provided a list of contacts if you would like to speak to anyone further. This guide can help prompt discussion and debate on how you can embed sustainable development within the curriculum and, coupled with the related document – ‘Creating the conditions for embedding sustainable development within the curriculum’, engage with senior management to move this forward.

Sustainable development is a journey for us all and the more we discuss, challenge and share ideas and new thinking, the more successful we will all be.