2019 Australasia Conference

11th Feb – 13th Feb 2019 09:00 – 17:00

New Zealand and Australia occupy a distinctive position in global location, offering opportunities for unique contributions to understanding of regional economies and their dynamics. As proponents of Southern Theory have argued ours is a history of legacies from colonialism, with enduring impacts on the nature and functioning of regions and economies. 

The centrality of land-use choices and connections to global markets in shaping the economies of Australasia have impacted on the experiences of First Nations peoples and have challenged capacities for innovation and the forging of new regional futures in a post-industrial world. These realities are pressing as New Zealand and Australia become more tightly embedded in global supply networks and value chains than ever before. 

Asian investment is reconfiguring national and regional economies, disrupting long-established relationships with Europe and North America. International students are a central feature of the tertiary education sector in Australia and New Zealand, influencing new investment in our cities. As members of a Trans Pacific Partnership that does not include the US, both nations may see new forms of development that create opportunities and risks for First Nations economies and for regional economies as new markets for land-based products and resources emerge.

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