2019 FIE Student Global Leadership Conference

5th Apr – 7th Apr 2019 09:00 – 17:00

The 2019 FIE Student Global Leadership Conference (SGLC) is an educational event and destination for undergraduate and graduate student leaders.
The Student Global Leadership Conference (SGLC) Committee is seeking proposals for educational programmes and breakout sessions for the fourth SGLC in 2019. We are seeking a broad range of presenters who can provide rich exploration of the conference’s theme around Sustainability and Leadership. Sessions should be hands-on, interactive, passionate, and engaging and we would especially welcome the opportunity to hear unique stories and experiences!
The conference will be held Friday 5th – Sunday 7th April, 2019 in London at The Royal Geographical Society (Friday) and Baden-Powell House (Saturday & Sunday). The conference is sponsored by FIE: Foundation for International Education.
The theme of the conference is “Leadership for a Sustainable Future: It Starts with Us”: Great leaders are not just compelling in the present, but have foresight to account for and guide into an uncharted future. Emerging global leaders must think beyond short-term gains and build sustainable communities, policies, practices, and organizations, which support our planet, people, and global prosperity. FIE’s fourth Student Global Leadership Conference will challenge and empower leaders to find opportunities, make positive impacts, and pursue a leadership practice which considers holistic effectiveness, and in return, build a better tomorrow for everyone. Our actions in the present will lead us to a thriving future. It Starts With Us.

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