Alternative economic models - Vienna

15th Jul – 2nd Aug 2024 09:00 – 17:00

Alternative economic models – and how they can combat the climate crisis – will be studied by students and professionals at a world-renowned summer university in Vienna.

For a decade, the Alternative Economics and Monetary Systems (AEMS) summer university has brought people together from across the world to share viewpoints and debate the two major impactors on the global community – the economy and the climate.

AEMS students are given an overview of current economic models before delving into alternatives such as the Economy for the Common Good, Degrowth and Doughnut Economics.

They also explore the concept of planetary boundaries and the urgent need for sustainable solutions to avoid catastrophic risk events which could make millions homeless, limit food and water resources and destroy much of the natural life on earth.

All teaching and activities are carried out in English.

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