AUDE and EAUC SFC Climate collaboration webinar 2022

22nd Sep 2022 11:00 – 12:30

The University of Edinburgh is one of the UK’s biggest universities, with much of its campus integrated within Edinburgh’s world heritage site. Decarbonisation of the university estate presents particular challenges that will be familiar to many members.

In this event, we will hear how Edinburgh’s experts on climate change and construction are working with the University’s estates and sustainability professionals, and how the university works with external partners to show city and sector leadership and to accelerate climate action:

Agenda below

Jane White, Executive Director, AUDE
The University’s role in a net zero city

As we move on from setting targets and into planning and delivery, universities need to work better with their partners just to deliver their own targets; they can and should do more in their role as an anchor institution to accelerate place-based climate action; and should ensure sustainability actions and benefits extend beyond just emissions reduction and our own estates.
Join Jamie Brogan from the Edinburgh Climate Change Institute and his colleagues from University of Edinburgh as they discuss the need to look beyond net zero commitments and our own institutional boundaries, and explore the role universities can play in leading innovation and driving down area-wide emissions.

Panel 1The University’s role in accelerating place-based climate impact   
Jamie Brogan, Head of Climate Partnerships (Chair); Scott Davidson, Deputy Director of Social Responsibility & Sustainability; Clare Wharmby, Carbon Innovation Manager
  • Beyond net zero – the need to look beyond emissions reduction and our own boundaries
  • Universities as anchor institutions – the role we can play in driving down area-wide emissions
  • Climate impact and decision making – opportunities and challenges

Panel 2: Investing in the University Estate: Opportunities for impact and innovation
Jamie Brogan, Head of Climate Partnerships (Chair); Sean Smith, Professor of Future Infrastructure; Julio Bros-Williamson, Chancellor’s Fellow; Dean Drobot, Head of Energy & Utilities Management
  • How our estate is integrated within the city and our unique challenges
  • Leveraging our own investment in estate decarbonisation for city benefit
  • The university as a living lab for net zero
  • Working with industry and city partners for net zero innovation
  • Using academic expertise on estates challenges and investment
The event will be participative with opportunities to discuss issues raised with the Edinburgh team.  

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