* FULLY BOOKED * EAUC & UUCN: Climate Impact Assessment Training Series

12th Sep – 26th Sep 2023 10:00 – 11:30


EAUC & UUCN: Climate Impact Assessment Training Series

This training series is in partnership with the UK Universities Climate Network (UUCN), AUDE & BUFDG.

Climate poses both physical and transition risks. This paper focuses on physical risks, including extreme weather events that impact people, operations and facilities across the HE & FE sector. Risk assessment is the first step towards identifying most significant weather-related threats and priorities for adaptation. This is fundamentally a proactive rather than reactive approach to managing both existing and anticipated climate risks.

Hazards faced by UK HE & FE Institutions include flooding from water courses and heavy rainfall, heatwaves, droughts, and storms. These can affect human and animal health, damage critical infrastructure, buildings and biodiversity, as well as disrupt transport systems, supply chains, research, teaching and sports activities. Extreme weather events can also interrupt essential services – such as food, water, and energy – supplied by third parties to institutions.

Following the UUCN guidance EAUC are hosting a series of webinars to better equip the sector on risk.

A 3-part training series on how to develop Climate Impact Assessments. The aim of this series is to train and equip you with the skills and knowledge to create your institutional Climate Impact Assessments. We expect delegates to attend all 3 of the series and these will be hands on learning and will provide delegates the confidence when speaking about risk to senior management and consultants. There is a maximum of 30 delegates so please book early to secure your place.
  1. 12th September – 1000-1130 – Step 1: Set adaptation objectives that align with national and sector plans for climate action & Step 2: Gather contextual information to establish baseline knowledge and activities plus depth analysis
  2. 19th September – 1000-1130 – Step 3: Evaluate climate risk to vulnerable people, services and assets under present and expected climate variability and change & Step 4: Identify adaptation options that manage or transfer identified climate risks
  3. 26th September – 1000-1130 – Step 5: Prioritise and implement adaptation actions using defined criteria and schedule preferred options within planning pathways & Step 6: Monitor evolving climate risks and evaluate adaptation outcomes.
After each session you will be provided with a worksheet which explains homework which needs to be undertaken between sessions. These should not take longer than 1 hour to complete.

Who: This series is aimed at Estates and Sustainability practitioners, and is available free to EAUC, AUDE, BUFDG & UUCN members.

Speaker: Professor Rob Wilby, lead working paper and case study author and Professor of Hydroclimatic Modelling at Loughborough University and Convenor of the EAUC Risk Community of Practice.

The series is free and open to EAUC, AUDE, BUFDG & UUCN members.

Series 1 Recording:

Series 2 Recording: 

Series 3 Recording:

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