Creating a Flood Resilient Nation: Ensuring UK Flood Preparedness in a Changing Climate

8th Dec 2020 09:30 – 13:00

February 2020 was the wettest February on record in England and, indeed, right across the UK, with some places experiencing over four times the average monthly rainfall. According to the Environment Agency the annual average cost of damages following floods in England and Wales is £1.6 billion. Currently, 520,000 properties in England, including 370,000 homes, are at risk of damage from coastal flooding whilst 2.7 million UK homes remain at risk of surface level flooding. This issue is also likely to only get worse, as climate change is making the UK warmer and wetter leading to more frequent extreme weather events. According to the Met Office, 9 out of 17 record breaking rainfall months or seasons since 1910 have occurred after 2000.

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