Effective Facilitation Workshop

23rd Mar 2015 13:30 – 17:30

Effective facilitation: getting the best out of working with people in meetings

LiFE Framework: Staff Engagement and Human Resources

A successful meeting can work as team bonding activity; if unsuccessful they can leave people feeling confused and frustrated.

This workshop forms part of the full Conference but will be beneficial to you, even if you are unable to attend the full Conference. 

Effective facilitation allows for a meeting to run smoothly and everyone to have their opinion heard. An effective facilitator can structure a meeting, chair debate and summarise topics while guiding the discussion of topics on a well thought out agenda and making sure that all attendees get a voice and engage. Ultimately a well facilitated and successful meeting will meet the original objective of the gathering, normally to resolve an issue or decide a ‘game plan' for a project.

We have therefore included a special pre-conference workshop on the day before the Conference (23 March), the perfect opportunity to build on your own skills before the Conference. The session will be delivered by Chris Church of Community Environmental Associates and will help participants by providing skills and tips on how to get the most from their meetings, making for more effective and efficient workplaces:
Understand why good facilitation is an important aspect of effective engagement
Be clear on ways to plan, start and run a facilitated session
Plan for building the active engagement of different types of groups and organisations from technical experts and senior academics to younger students
Be ready to deal with negativity, indifference and hostility (and plan to avoid them)
Be clear on how best to complete joint working, close meetings and develop action plans

Who is this for?

Sustainability staff, students and anyone else interested in facilitation and engagement methods.


It is a standalone workshop and does not form part of the Conference packages but EAUC Members receive a discounted rate. Places are limited to only 50 people and the workshop will cost £60 +VAT (EAUC Members) and £76 +VAT (non-members)*.

How to book

Bookings for this event are taking on the Conference site. This is because this event is part of the full Conference Programme but can be attended if you are not booked onto any part of the rest of Conference. 

In order to book your place, please follow these instructions:

• Go to Register www.eventsforce.net/eauc2015
• Select Booking mode
• Enter your details and payment options
• Choose EAUC/AOC member / non-Member as relevant
• On package choice: Choose ‘none of these options’
• Then just below, select Yes for Pre conference workshop (23 March) * Yes (£60.00)  
• Then no on the rest of the pages
• Answer the survey questions as relevant

*Please note that if minimum numbers of 13 attendees are not reached this course will not run and fees will be returned to any who have booked.

> Read the full Terms and Conditions here.

The session will be delivered by Chris Church of Community Environmental Associates Book your place now!
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