Fostering Individual and Community Resilience

11th Oct – 12th Oct 2022 09:30 – 12:30

Learn about tools that foster individual and community resilience at this two-part training session delivered by The Surefoot Effect, taking place on the 11th and 12th October from 9.30-12.30. Attendees are expected to attend both sessions.

These workshops are about fostering resilience for a flourishing personal and work life, and to extend this flourishing to the communities you belong to, whether for work or personal reasons.  

We believe resilience is the ability to learn from adversity and to grow beyond it; not just to ‘bounce back.’  People working toward sustainable living and working have had a long uphill struggle against a variety of adverse forces.  Taking time and space to learn and grow is essential from time to time.

The two sessions will be run on Zoom, with planned breaks. There will be activities where we work together, time for individual reflection, and time to plan how you might use the tools presented.

The Surefoot Effect have been working with individuals, communities and organisations for 8 years to help build resilience and have run these workshops in many setting over the years, including online for the last two years.  The workshops were created after initial research and piloting done with a National Lottery grant and recently informed by more extensive research and piloting through an Erasmus+ Adult Education grant. They will be tailored to a university and college audience.

Participants from previous workshops have said:

'Thank you for cultivating a safe, trusted space in such a short time. I’m so thankful also that you were able to make this accessible in the way you have.'
'Balance of sharing, explanations, and practice was excellent.'

'The workshop was very helpful and inspiring. I've never experienced an online workshop in this way before. Connecting and exchanging with others in the breakout rooms and getting to apply the techniques together and to try them out instantly was very rewarding.'

'The mix of learning, applying, practicing straight away and connecting/exchanging is great!'
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