Green School Conference 2019 - Green Mentors

24th Sep 2019 10:00 – 17:00

3rd NYC Green School Conference-2019 is an International Environmental & Academic Event designed to bring together the growing community of Green School Educators, Pro Climate Leaders, Environment Crusaders, Green Solution Providers, Climate Research Scholars, Climate Entrepreneurs, Green Policy Makers and Innovators for learning connecting and collaborating to support the shared mission of creating Green Schools for a sustainable future  

Green Mentors is inviting all Educators, NGOs, Green Enterprises, Teachers, Principals and Directors, Investors, Environmentalist, Architect, Journalist, Policy Makers, Government Officers, CSR Initiatives, Indigenous Community Leaders, Green Technology Developers, Nature Photographers and Artist to participate in the 3rd NYC Green School Conference -2019, towards making the Planet Green again.    

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