How to use the SECR Tool

9th Jun 2021 14:00 – 15:00

Following on the Education & Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) recommendation that colleges in England should submit their carbon reporting through the Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR), we are now delighted to bring to EAUC FE members a SECR tool developed in partnership with Hillside Environmental Services.

This webinar, led by Fiona Goodwin, EAUC and Russell Burton, Hillside Environmental Services, will talk you through how the SECR Tool works and how this can benefit you and your college.

The SECR tool will provide you with an easy-to-use solution to creating your SECR. All you need to do is to enter your raw data on energy and fuel usage and the tool automatically converts this into your carbon equivalent figures. It then produces your results in a best practice SECR format. So all you need to do is to either download as a PDF and it is ready to be uploaded onto your website to ensure you comply with the public reporting requirements. Or you can export the data and place within your normal reporting formats.
This tool will save members time in developing your own spreadsheets to collate the data and then to convert the data. The tool does this all for you and you can be confident that the conversions have been correctly applied.

This webinar is for EAUC FE Members in England.

You can download the SECR Tool here.

You can view the webinar below:


How to use the SECR Tool image #1 How to use the SECR Tool image #2 How to use the SECR Tool image #3
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