Jisc 3: Reduce travel through video conferencing and hybrid events

11th Dec 2013 12:00 – 13:00

One of the major sources of institutional carbon footprints is that arising from travel. This includes both staff travel (between split sites, for example) staff commuting, student travel (with overseas students adding a major amount) as well as academic travel for conferences, collaboration and other academic activities.

It may be argued that many of these activities are essential to the core business of universities - teaching, research, and academic discourse. However there is a place where the strategic deployment of suitable collaboration technologies can help reduce the carbon footprint of these activities and also help with cost reduction, and help deliver benefits in terms of more equal access to opportunities and widen the breadth and reach of academic communication.

This webinar explored some of the key outcomes from Jisc's work in this area. The case will be made that it is important to understand why people travel, and where remote collaboration can support journey reduction. With that in place, strategic investment can be made in the appropriate mix of systems, support and technology to support this change.

Speaking on this webinar was representatives from Janet. Janet is a part of Jisc Collections and Janet Limited, a Jisc company. Janet manages the operation and development of the Janet network, on behalf of Jisc. 

Janet is government funded, with the primary aim of providing and developing a network infrastructure that meets the needs of the research and education communities.


Jisc Guide: Using videoconferencing and collaboration technology to reduce travel and carbon emissions

Recorded webinar

Presentation: Rob Bristow, Jisc

Presentation: JANET

Ueeful links:
  Janet Booking Service
  VTAS evaluations and advice
  Technical homepage

Presentation: Geoff Constable Aberystwyth

Presentation: Debra Hiom, University of Bristol 
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