Panel Discussion: 'The great carbon market debate: is it over for offsetting?'

27th Feb 2024 17:15 – 18:30

Critics and proponents of offsetting agree: achieving global net zero emissions is essential. But how we get there is up for debate. Once hailed as a key solution to help individuals, organisations and governments achieve net zero emissions, offsetting approaches, and the carbon market underpinning them, have been plagued by bad actors, bad credits, and bad press.

But is the era of carbon offsetting over? Or could it still be reformed – not only offering a critical path to net zero, but also providing a necessary and efficient way to drive investment in mitigation projects, nature and sustainable livelihoods? Finally, does the carbon market need offsetting, or could it still grow without selling "offsets"?

Join an expert panel of academics and practitioners as they discuss the future of net zero aligned carbon offsetting.

Panel: This is a joint event with The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment.

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