S-Lab Conference

9th Sep 2019 10:00 – 22:00


• Provide the normal S-Lab/UKSPA ‘buzz’ of bringing people from different backgrounds together around best practice in designing and operating science-focused facilities.

• Provide in-depth accounts of the operation and future plans of Norwich Research Park, and the design, delivery and functioning of the new Quadram Institute.

• Use multiple sessions on Quadram, a case study of the University of Glasgow’s Clinical Innovation Zone (winner of the UKSPA ‘Location Setting the Pace Award’), and other sessions to discuss key issues in designing and operating translational research facilities and launch an UKSPA special interest group.

• Explore operational topics such as optimal use of office and write-up space; containment and ventilation; sample and consent management systems and biorepositories; sustainable labs and more.

• Highlight the innovative work of the John Innes Centre in implementing the Technician Commitment, and explore technical career issues in research settings.

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