Social Media Workshop - Edinburgh

5th Mar 2015 09:30 – 17:00

LiFE Framework: Student Engagement, Community and Public Engagement (what does this mean?)


Social media has changed the way people communicate – giving organisations an amazing opportunity to truly engage supporters, reach new audiences, influence key decision makers, build new partnerships and to promote their services.

Hosted by Ross McCulloch, Founder of Third Sector Lab & Be Good Be Social, our social media workshop cuts through all the hype and jargon, helping you think strategically about Twitter and Facebook, blogging, video for the web and more. We’ll show you how to develop a simple social media strategy, how you can measure your success and how you can protect your staff with a robust policy and guidelines.

You’ll come away from the workshop with everything you need to get started with social media work for your organisation.


09.30–10.00: Registration and refreshments
10.00–10.30: Welcome and introductions
10.30–11.30: Social media - a discussion
11.30–11.45: Break
11.45–12.30: Blogging, Video and Audio
12.30–13.00: Networking lunch
13.00–13.30: Content Calendar
13.30–14.00: Facebook
14.00–16.00: Twitter (includes a break at 14.45)
16.00–16.45: Social media audit
16.45–17.00: Next steps and Q&A. How can the EAUC help?

Feedback from Previous Events:

This is our fourth time running this workshop due to popular demand! When rated by attendees our last Scottish Social Media Workshop in January 2014 received:
  • Almost 100% 'excellent' across the board for depth of content, depth of knowledge, style / engagement / presentation and handling of questions
  • 100% 'excellent' for 'How would you rate this course?'
  • 100% 'excellent' for 'How likely would you be to recommend this course to others?'

Download the full programme below.

Ross McCulloch - our expert speaker Social Media Workshop - Edinburgh image #2
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