Sustainable Innovation 2021-Accelerating Sustainability in Fashion

15th Mar – 21st Mar 2021 09:00 – 17:00

Sustainable Innovation 2021 

Accelerating Sustainability in Fashion, Clothing, Sportswear & Accessories

Organised by: The Centre for Sustainable Design ® at UCA, UK 

Whilst sustainability is high on the global agenda for policy makers, business and citizens, the speed and scale of change is far from adequate. This is particularly true in the global fashion and clothing system that faces growing market, government, industry and technological drivers for change. Sustainable, structural and systemic change in global fashion and clothing sectors is now paramount and presents both challenges and opportunities for innovation. Sustainable Innovation 2021 will provide an insightful and critical platform to discuss issues associated with accelerating sustainability in the fashion and clothing system. Pioneers, innovators, thought-leaders and change-makers from academia, brands, businesses and industries across fashion, clothing, textiles, sportswear, accessories, retail, and technology sectors are invited to explore policy changes, new business models, circular processes, product-service design, supply chain traceability, technological solutions and consumer behaviour shifts focused on radical change that advances sustainability in the global fashion and clothing system. Sustainable Innovation 2021 will include invited and refereed papers from academics, business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, scientists and technologists. The international conference will create a unique space for learning, thinking and networking. Delegates will come globally from international brands and corporations, SMEs and start-ups, as well as academia, government and NGOs. The conference is supported by an international Advisory Board. 

Sustainable Innovation 2021 welcomes conceptual and research-based papers from academics, business leaders, policy makers, entrepreneurs, innovators, designers, scientists and technologists in the Fashion, Clothing, Sportswear & Accessories sectors. Papers should cover sustainability, business models, products, services and/or technology design and development, and commercialisation in the Fashion, Clothing, Sportswear & Accessories sectors. 

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