Symposium on Sustainability Reporting in Higher Education

14th Mar – 15th Mar 2019 09:00 – 17:30

The role of sustainability reporting in documenting, measuring and fostering sustainability practices in higher education institutions

The implementation of the theory and practice of sustainable development at higher education institutions (HEIs) has been quite intense over the past two decades. Whereas in the early 1990s only a handful of HEIs had systematic initiatives in respect of sustainability, the current figures are quite high: more and more universities are realising the many benefits sustainability brings about, and are becoming increasingly engaged.

The Symposium will provide a platform for HEIs to present and discuss their initiatives in the rapidly growing field of sustainability reporting, to assess their own situations, presents an opportunity for inter-institutional interactions and informal  benchmarking, and allows HEIs to document and communicate their initiatives. In particular, the event will provide a unique opportunity to participants to experience different approaches in the preparation of sustainability reports used in HEIs from various countries, and how these are being marketed and disseminated.

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