THE Climate Impact Forum - How can universities accelerate the global transition to net Zero?

28th Oct 2021 09:00 – 17:00

THE is delighted to be collaborating with the UN Environment Programme for the inaugural THE Climate Impact Forum on 28 October 2021.

THE will convene a new discussion with government ministers, education leaders, industry investors and leading youth voices to identify, share, challenge and inspire the higher education sector to take a more significant role in accelerating the socio-economic transformation required to achieve net zero.

The forum aims to produce clear and credible opportunities for universities to position themselves to have a greater impact through their teaching, research and public engagement, that will meet the demands of young people from across the world and the policy commitments of government leaders.

New research will be launched at the forum that will reveal the key expectations of the global student community and their proposals for institutional change.
A series of workshops and presentations from leaders across higher education, industry and government will focus on how institutions can take action to respond and achieve the potential change that is required.

For full details and to register, click here. View this event on the EAUC website →