University of Northampton Sustainability Summit

15th May – 16th May 2023 09:30 – 16:30

The Summit is being organised under theme; “Adapting to a changing world: Identifying our shared sustainability challenges”.

This event will provide a platform which brings together academia, businesses, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders to identify shared sustainability challenges (environmental, social and governance) mainly within but not limited to, the food/drink, logistics and footwear sectors, and devise a roadmap to address these challenges. Furthermore, this event will provide an opportunity for networking across sectors, which will help build lasting partnerships to pursue actionable solutions to the sustainability challenges which are identified.

As a higher education institution, the University of Northampton is well placed to play a central role in catalysing partnerships and much needed collaboration between stakeholders. The University has ample research and consultancy expertise within the area of Sustainability. Through its various research groups, centres and institutes, the University of Northampton has a strong track record of working collaboratively with external organisations to address sustainability challenges.

These collaborative efforts have yielded a rich portfolio of successful research, enterprise, and knowledge exchange sustainability projects. The Summit will provide an opportunity for the University to make its rich expertise available to local stakeholders to identify the best solutions to their shared sustainability challenges.

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