Zero Carbon Challenge

12th Oct 2018 10:00 – 17:00

Carbon Reduction is currently a hot topic among sustainability professionals in the Higher Education Sector with many universities aiming to reach zero carbon in the next 20 years. Reaching these targets will require new and innovative approaches to both new build design and major renovations of existing historic buildings. Universities will not be able to make this necessary dramatic shift without significant help from leaders in zero carbon architecture, consultation, design and evaluation.

This is why the University of London are holding a one-day Zero Carbon Challenge conference, bringing these experts together with sustainability and capital projects professionals from universities right across the UK. During the morning, several universities will present their carbon reduction aims as well as stories of their successes and details of project that could have worked out better. After lunch, we will run a series of roundtable discussion where everyone in the room can use their knowledge and expertise to develop plans for how the University of London can reach its Zero Carbon goal. The hope is this exercise will provide new perspectives and inspiration for everyone in the room, helping them to create and achieve their own goals.

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