FX Plus Green Travel Strategy & Action Plan 2016-2021

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Green Travel Plan for the FX Plus Penryn and Falmouth campuses 2016-2021. In the last few years, there has been a significant shift towards more sustainable travel choices amongst staff and students, but the aim is to do more. With the Fal Mussel Card, cycle facility enhancements and electric vehicle charging points recently promoted, there are more opportunities to travel sustainably than ever before.

This new 5 year travel plan has been produced to build on the successes of the previous plans and to continue to excel in green travel planning at a local, regional and sector level.

The why

This Green Travel Plan is a 5 year strategy for managing all travel and transport within FX Plus and all partner institutions in Cornwall. The Green Travel Plan expresses our commitment to developing provision for pedestrians, cyclists and other transportation including public transport. It includes both physical and behavioural measures to increase the travel choice for our staff, students and visitors, and reduce reliance on single occupancy vehicles.

This Strategy considers the actions we have planned up to 2021, towards ongoing, sustainable transport principles beyond this date.


To increase the number of staff and students using low carbon modes of transport and reducing emissions as part of their everyday lives. Ultimately we aim to achieve lasting change.