GGAA 2014 - Skills for Sustainability - Monash University - Winner

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No one can do everything but everyone can do something!

The green program was developed to support Monash University’s commitment to sustainability by embedding green initiatives into the Monash workplace. Sustainability representatives at Monash University are helping drive the university towards a sustainable future. The program has been instrumental to introducing many positive changes to work areas such as reduced paper consumption, energy savings, increased recycling and diverting from landfill rates. The success of the green program offers a universal template for other workplaces to follow and embed sustainability.

Top 3 learnings:

  • A well planned program with easy to follow instructions for implementation will assist the widespread adoption and support for the program.
  • Recognition for the work done to initiate change by sustainability Reps and reward for the results. The recognition and reward does not need to be substantial but it is an important part of the process for successful sustainability outcomes.
  • Providing an effective communication channel between all sustainability reps is important.

What it means to win:

“Engaging such a large community as Monash University on sustainability issues is always a challenge and winning the Green Gown Award will assist in ensuring that sustainability continues to be a primary consideration in all University decision making”
– Paul Barton, Director OHS & Environment, Facilities and Services

What the judges said:

The judges were impressed with the scope, scale and depth of the project. Monash’s long term commitment to deliver and engage with the project made it a stand out winner. It had a widespread target base, attempting to cover as much of the campus, through reducing environmental impacts and students, via social connections as possible with great results.