GGAA 2014 - Best Newcomer - University of Waikato - Finalist

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Waste Innovation, from campus to community- using waste to engage & change behaviour

Our engaging and expansive waste programme involved; students, staff and funders, Ratty the Recycler, films, lectures, branding, competitions, waste audits and worm farms (The Faculty of Worms, generates 3 tonnes of compost annually). We built a large solar powered compost unit, in conjunction with 2 local councils and students. We gifted 174 computers and 8 tonnes of furniture to the community, and polystyrene cups were removed from the supply list which stopped 33,000 cups going to landfill annually.

Top 3 learnings:

  • Audit first and assess needs and priorities and gather data to benchmark. Set up systems for monitoring and get support and buy in.
  • Develop a project plan with roles and funding required. Form a working group and develop a communications plan. Include staff and students especially if it corresponds to course work and seek external funding and partners.
  • Make it fun and engaging.